Our Next Presentation

Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web

Directed by Ellie King

18-20 October 2019 | Anvil Theatre, New Westminster

25-26 October 2019 | Surrey Arts Centre


In her second most popular and long-running comedy thriller, the Grande Dame of Mystery brings us a lively young woman whose imagination can sometimes get away from her, and who finds a real dead body. Who is he? Where did he come from? Secret panels, a mysterious caller, a priceless object – all ingredients in this fun and entertaining family-friendly show.

“Suspense, anyone? The old fashioned kind? Who’s for good, clean fun? One is Agatha Christie’s 1954 puzzler, The Spider’s Web – Howard Thompson, The New York Times

Anvil Theatre, New Westminster | Sunday, October 20th | 3:30pm

The Royal Canadian Theatre Company is delighted to be offering Relaxed Performances for children, young people or any patrons with disabilities, additional support needs and those on the autistic spectrum as well as their parents, teachers or guardians. Minor sensory adjustments to the production will be made in order for us to cater to an audience who might not feel they can usually come to enjoy a live theatrical performance.

Tickets for relaxed performances are 2 for 1 and can SOON be booked by phone or online.